USA Trip – Legoland


May 11, 2015 

Hi y’all,

At the moment its 6:10 on Friday the 22nd  which is a day before you guys. Its probably 11:00, no wait 11:10, no its actually two minutes, you now what, lets forget it. 

Anyway, sorry i haven’t written in a while, who knows what I’ve been missing while I’m over here. from know on you will probably write a new blob post every four to five days, maybe even three. It will sometime be educational like Arizona, but sometimes it will just be for enjoyment or for you to see what I’m up to, like this post, about Lego Land. Now don’t get to annoyed yet, because i didn’t actually go into Lego Land, at least, not exactly.

So here’s the drop off. we’ve been staying with some old friends in California, San Diego for four nights. I met them when I was young, but I had never met their children. The flight from Melbourne there took about 16 hours. We landed approximately at 6:00. We rented a car and drove to their house. In fact they’ve just moved, the two kids were named Chase, who was 5 and Alana, who was 7. they had their parents, (their kids grandparents) living with them. On top of that, we’ve just come to stay in their home for five, okay four and a half days. Pretty busy if you ask me.

After our stay, we started our drive to Los Angeles. about half way in, we stopped at Lego Land. The entrance was pretty cool, actually no, scratch that, it was awesome, (get it awesome? No? Never mind). There were giant Lego people and signs, basically it was good enough to draw Dillon away from his Baby Loony Toons show, (seriously, how can he watch that kind of stuff?) and look out the window.


USA Trip - LegolandLiam Handley

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