USA Trip – Highlights


May – Jul, 2015 

I went to the USA for two months. It was probably the most interesting place I have ever been. I was amazed by all the places I went and I want to tell you about my incredible journey.

My favourite part of the journey was probably SAN ANTONIO. It was the most astonishing place I have ever been to! It was hot and sticky but I did not even notice the heat because I got to stay at the lake house with Paul and Veronica (a different Veronica not me). The lake house was amazing Paul and Veronica had a pool, a lake right next to their tree house / normal house, a golf cart, a jet ski, a boat, two kayaks and some really kind neighbours. Their house was also blooming with nature. There were trees and flowers of all sorts. There were colourful birds, sneaky lizards, slimy frogs, crawly bugs, pretty butterflies, dazzling dragonflies and much, much more. I loved the part where I got to feed lots of animals at an animal place. There were lots of things to do and see so that was definitely a highlight of my trip.

I also liked it when I was staying in Alabama hills in the RV. We were staying in the middle of a desert and we were near Death Valley. As soon as we got there Liam went rock climbing up the giant desert rocks. But I went out side to find a rock for the fire pit and got pricked by some sort if cactus in the sand! So my mummy cleaned the spikes off my hands, put gloves on my hands and I went to rock climb with my daddy. I even found my way up a secret passage to a rock cubby. All I had to do was climb up a rock, through a squeeze, up another rock, through another squeeze, over a rock and into the rock cubby. But that was not all I did later I had dinner and mummy and daddy found a girl camping in her car and invited her to have s’mores with us. So that night we had smores by our campfire and stayed up late. I remembered how earlier in the day people were waving at us and a bunch of people stopped by to see us. The funny thing is they were all in RV’s like us. It was a very important highlight of this trip.

The next highlight would have to be the Grand Canyon because it was not only the most magical place on the whole trip but the place where I made the learning to fly video. The Grand Canyon was amazing I got to ride a helicopter over the Grand Canyon it was loud but super amazing the different colours of the rock looked like a sunset and the river glisten quietly down stream (from up in the helicopter that’s what it looked like!) and it wasn’t as dry as I thought it would be there was grass and a pine forest nearby. Plus where we were staying there were elk everywhere! I also learned to ride my bike there and if you have been reading you other blogs there is one about mountain biking somewhere in there so that was definitely a highlight of my trip.

So now you know about my big journey and the highlights of my trip.

USA Trip - HighlightsStephen

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