USA Trip – Canyon Bike Ride


May 16, 2015 

Hi it’s me Veronica and this is another one of my blog posts.

Can you keep secrets? I hope you can because I am about to tell you one of my most secret secrets, and it’s embarrassing to say it… I’m scared of bikes! Especially mountain bikes. But there was one day, a very special day, when that all changed.

Two months after I learned to ride my bike (I was in the US), we were going on a family bike ride in the Grand Canyon! There was supposed to be lots of rolling hills on that bike ride, and we were going to ride mountain bikes so I was not happy. When we were given our bikes, mummy got a black bike, Liam got a black bike and daddy got a black bike! So I obviously got a small black bike with only one handle brake on the right hand side.

Soon we were off “AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed! Soon I calmed down though. The whole ride there was up hill so when we got to the Grand Canyon I was puffed so we stopped to look at the view. It was magical, but there was something odd about that view… Suddenly, this sort of spark went into my heart. I took a great long stare at my bike. I remembered that when I was in Australia some people laughed at me when I rode my bike. I felt a sort of anger rage feeling but then I felt different, that memory had disappeared. I remembered that was why I was scared of bikes.

On the way back when I hopped on my bike I breathed deeply shut my eyes and pushed off the ground my bike zoomed down the hill, my eyes widened and a smile grew on my face. I zoomed past Liam and I zoomed past mummy and daddy. It felt like I was flying, “wahoo!” I zoomed all the way back to the bike park nonstop! When I had to return my bike I did not want the bike people to take my bike away.

And that’s the story of how I discovered the secret of bikes. I would tell you now but you will have to wait because that’s a different story.


USA Trip - Canyon Bike RideVeronica Handley

7 comments on "USA Trip – Canyon Bike Ride"

  1. Claire Baker on

    Hi Veronica,
    It’s 3G here. We loved reading about your experience on the bike and looking at some of your photos on the interactive whiteboard. We’re glad you are having a great time. We miss you.
    Love from 3G and Miss Baker

    • HI 3G!!! I miss you so much! I’m still having the best time though. I have been to so many places after the Grand Canyon! I have been to Yosemite, San Antonio (Texas) and now I am in Washington DC! OH and I nearly forgot to say that I went to Disney World! It was actually not as fun as the other places though. I still want to go home and see you guys again witch is good because my trip is more than half way through. Oh and I need to tell Emmy that the rainbow leopard beanie boo named Trixie she was talking about was actually able to be found in a clothing store with lots of rainbow things and it turns out I managed to find her! But that’s not the most important thing right now. The important thing is i hope to see you soon.

      Love from you friend/student Veronica 😀

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